Attention all citizens of the Imperium! It is our pleasure to announce to you that our bi-annual Imperium Crown Tournaments are about to commence! Watch as denizens form all over the Warhammer 40k Universe converge at a single point to wage deadly war against each other to be crowned Lord of the Imperium for this Season! There are many prizes to be won, being merchandise, cash, and the highly coveted positions in the Emperor's Chamber, where only the true champions of each season may be beholden to enter! There will be winners! There will be losers! And War shall be waged! Join Us Today! All Citizens wielding all armies welcome!!

Details For the tournament will be as such!

Dates Event Times Location
16/7/2017 Open Qualifiers 9am-9pm Mass Hall
17/7/2017 Open Qualifiers-2nd half 9am-9pm Mass Hall
18/7/2017 Round of 16 9am-3pm Mass Hall
18/7/2017 Round of 8 3pm-9pm Main Stage
19/7/2017 Quarter-Finals 9am-3pm Main Stage
18/7/2017 Semi-Finals 3pm-9pm Main Stage
19/7/2017 Finals 11am-3pm Main Stage
19/7/2017 After-Show Party 6pm-11pm Main Stage

Now, for the less puritan of citizens willing to engage in other trials of combat, we too have a host of other events for you. While they may not be the same fiery trials of comabat experienced by the majority of citizens, nonetheless, these are still competitions of the highest honor that only the best of the best may truly be accomplished in! Hence it is only but our sacred duty to provide the means for such combat! Below are the details!

Dates Event Times Location
16/7/2017 Brush of Enlightenment Championships 9am-9pm Main Stage
17/7/2017 Brush of Enlightenment Championships-Judging and Price Ceremony 9am-9pm Main Stage
18/7/2017 Animators Compendium-Display of Works 9am-3pm Main Stage
18/7/2017 Animator Compendium-Judging and Price Ceremony 3pm-9pm Main Stage
19/7/2017 Cosplay Qualifiers 9am-3pm Mass Hall
18/7/2017 Cosplay Semi-Finals 3pm-9pm Mass Hall
19/7/2017 Cosplay Finals 3pm-6pm Main Stage

With this, we wish all our citizens the best of luck in their preperation for battle! Thank you so much for your ever-zealous support!